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Hi there, I wanted to thank you very much for making it to my dad’s early today for his pick up. He was so nervous about the weather and not getting to the airport on time. He was so happy and very pleased with his driver who may have been Nick but I am not sure.

Thanks again.

Thanks so much for your wonderful service. Your drivers were excellent (don’t know how they drive in that New York traffic!!) and so very nice. We will surely use your service again. You are a blessing in a not too blessed world!


My client called to tell me that yesterday’s trip couldn’t have gone any better. The driver was very accommodating and they loved the Exec van. The 2 passengers were able to get work done and discuss business due to the table in the van. He was very impressed with your company and will definitely be using you again .


I want to let you know what a pleasure it is to use your limo service. The driver we had to Westchester for the nine of us is totally responsible for our getting to the airport on time. There was an accident that had traffic backed up for miles on the Parkway and he got off and skirted the traffic getting us to Westchester on time for our flight. Whew! We were sweating getting there and got there with time to spare.

Yesterday, on our return from JFK, the weather was terrible with lightning and thunder and rain all in heavy traffic. Once again, your driver was calm, professional and unaffected by the storm and drove us home timely and safely.

Sorry I don’t remember their names, but your records should indicate who they were. Please let them know our comments. Praise is not given lightly!
J & L M.

Thank you,